Case Study: Influence U Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

“Trilog has built out and scaled our e-commerce sales incredibly well. They’ve exceeded our expectations and continue to consistently achieve our goals.”

Introducing x InfluenceU

Influence U opened its doors in 1994 selling a unique blend of street-inspired fashion pieces. Based in Montreal, they incorporate a unique blend of culture and style that makes the city so special. A lodestar in the industry, Influence U is known for its carefully curated selection of brands including Rick Owens, Yves Salomon, Canada Goose, Comme des Garcons, Alexander McQueen and adidas Y-3. 

After launching their e-commerce store in 2015, Influence U was struggling to drive qualified traffic and conversion. They came to Trilog for help in building out an effective digital marketing strategy so they could scale their business online.


Independent online boutique selling brands that many other online retailers carry, making the market very saturated.

  • Minimal organic website traffic
  • Slow website speed
  • No consumer behaviour tracking integration
  • Website was not fully optimized for conversion (Ex: Checkout Process / Multi-Language / Design Layout / Standard Payment Methods etc.)
  • Non-cohesive branding and messaging across all channels
  • Not leveraging digital marketing strategies to incentivize new customers
  • Our Strategy

    Optimize website for conversion and integrate tracking capabilities so we could properly track returns of investments on our digital marketing efforts while launching a comprehensive advertising strategy to capitalize on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

    Here’s what we did:

  • Costs of impressions and clicks rise up to double the price during BFCM
  • To avoid this, our strategy consisted of buying the traffic ahead of time in the weeks leading up to the big weekend
  • Leading up to the weekend, we were advertising the upcoming sale through Facebook and Instagram hyper targeted to audiences that would most likely be interested in Influence U’s brands. This way, the potential customers would could click through our ad and discover the products that might interest them ahead of the sale.
  • Once Black Friday & Cyber Monday took place, we retargeted the website visitors with the products they browsed and in doing so, we managed to cut our costs drastically in acquiring the sales.  
  • This results in what we call “delayed attribution” 
  • For example: Someone visits the website on November 1st from our ad, browses products but does not checkout right away. 
  • They return to the website on Black Friday when the item is on sale and purchases the item. The sale then gets attributed to the ad ran on November 1st.
  • Once we analyzed the data after the sale, we could confirm that most sales were attributed to the ads that ran three weeks before the sale took place.
  • We also tested 4 different creatives across stories and feed (FB & Insta) throughout the early weeks and focused on the winning ads for the weekend of the sale.
  • We made sure that the creatives were bright colored and caught the attention of the consumer on their social media feeds.
  • Buying traffic before the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend allowed us to capture new audiences that may have never heard of Influence U before and remarket products they expressed an interest in for the weekend itself. 
  • The result:

    We didn’t just meet our target numbers. We shattered them.

    During the month Black Friday & Cyber Monday took place, Influence U saw:

  • Return on Investment of 13.56x (Standard average returns on investments: 2-3x)
  • Conversion rate increase of 452%
  • Cost-per-acquisition decrease of 45%
  • Reached 898,099 people
  • Generated 23,364 qualified website visitors
  • Lets build the future together.

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